Pumpkinhead Keyblade – Now we have the bit!

Slow going on the Pumpkinhead Keyblade.  All the pieces for the bit are printed, but that’s it for printing for at least another week.  I have a ton of things to print for the upcoming fairs and farmer’s market, and work prints take priority.

These parts were printed at 60 mm/s with 1.2 walls/top/bottom and a 10% infill.  They fit together pretty good, and since I didn’t try a raft, it should be a whole lot easier to sand them that the pommel/grip/blade has been.

On the subject of sanding, I’m not done. yet,  I have to get more 220 sand paper, and it gums up really fast and blade/grip/pommel has a lot of sanding to be done.  I should have something to post about it next week, though 😀

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